RECOGNITION – BIM analysis in a company

BIM Production approach is based on gathering an extensive interview about the company, its products, needs and expected benefits to be brought by cooperation. Based on the collected information, BIM Production an individual offer containing all necessary, previously agreed details and scope of work.

CREATION – Modeling of BIM libraries

After the customer provides the necessary product documentation, we start modeling the selected products. The resulting BIM objects are characterized by the accuracy of mapping and full parameterization.

PERSONALIZATION – Adaptation of BIM libraries for a specific market

To meet the expectations of clients, BIM Production is able to create generic and parametric BIM libraries translated into any languages ​​(PL, EN, NL, …), giving possibility of migration between individual standards (Revit Standards, NBS Standards, Autodesk Standards) and formats (Autodesk Revit , IFC, ArchiCad.

BIM PRoduction also offers additional services in the form of a dedicated plugin, marketing tools, virtual showroom or visualization.

REPORTING – Marketing tools to improve the product

BIM libraries are not only 3D models but also a valuable source of information on products. Thanks to the reporting system, we can find out which products are the most popular, liked by users, and where they were downloaded.

PUBLICATION – Providing online 3D models

Ready BIM libraries along with accompanying services are ready for online publication. This is possible thanks to the product sector integrated with the company’s website or through a dedicated platform.

Together with our partner company ThorbiQ we offer a complementary solution in the form of a BIM platform that allows the presentation of BIM models in an organized manner. This platform is available 24/7 for users around the world, and its interface equipped with a set of filters allows for friendly and intuitive product search.